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Resident Evil: Vendetta Trailer.

Now, this is my kind of Resident Evil movie. Linker thumbsup 
Samurai Jack is back! Hyped Rowlett 

I got the chance to watch this show for the first time around 2005, and until this day it's still one of my favorite cartoons of all time. It's awesome to see it return with an even darker and mature tone, it feels like such a natural progression for the show and the character itself.
The levels of criminal violence in my country leaves me speechless. They shot a woman a few minutes ago right near my house.

The place were I live is relatively peaceful, but things are getting out of control in many places.
I was just coming back from another place too, I almost got caugh in the middle of it.

It's difficult to assimilate this hard reality, even more when the place where you live becomes a crimescene.

This is probably the last time I'll post something related to these kind of situations. I know it might be kinda depressing to hear news like this.
I genuinely hope that this disaster movie franchise is done for good Llama Emoji-82 (Shocked) [V4] 

I don't know how they were even able to make this many of them...

And to be fair, I wouldn't even care about them they didn't had the "Resident Evil" name on the title.
Nintendo Parental Controls video is one of the best things I've ever seen XD

It would obviously suck to be the kid restricted by it, but the animation is just so charming and funny.
   Linker Journal by LinkerLuis
Another year goes by, full of new experiences that, for good or bad, helped to build our character.

Despite many people consider that this year has been awful in several aspects, it's better to focus on all the good stuff that did happen. We have to accept all the challenges that might come, whenever they do, because it's part of life. You have to stay optimistic even on the darkest and gloomiest scenarios and keep moving forward.

There's never going to be a perfect year. Maybe a year where good events overcome the bad events. Keep working to improve your life everyday, and never allow sadness and sorrow to stop your ambitions.
Focus on yourself, but don't neglect the suffering around you. Many times the possibility to improve someone else's year will be in your hands. If you have the chance, don't let it slip. Even a small action can make a huge difference.

Remember that even though many special people won't be able to join us in this new year, their memories and all the moments that we shared with them will be with us for a lifetime.
I thank you for taking the time to visit my gallery, as well as taking the moment to read my yearly reflection. I appreciate each comment, favorite and share of my work, and I want to remind you that I'm always here to listen to any concern. I'll be sure to answer as soon as possible.

Special thanks to my patrons for their support, and thanks for making this year extra special. 

We have to be grateful for the goals we achieved, and keep working for those things that we wish to obtain. Happy new year, I'll see you around :)

Un año más se va, lleno de nuevas experiencias que, para bien o para mal, van forjando nuestro carácter.

A pesar que muchos consideran que este año ha sido pésimo en muchos aspectos, es mejor enfocarse en las cosas buenas que sucedieron. Tenemos que aceptar los desafíos y retos cómo y cuándo vengan porque es parte de la vida. Hay que mantenerse optimistas sobre el escenario más sombrío y seguir caminando hacia adelante. 

Nunca habrá tal cosa como un año perfecto. Tal vez un año en el que la cosas buenas superan a las malas. Trabaja por hacer que tu vida mejore día con día. Nunca dejes que la tristeza y la melancolía detengan tus aspiraciones. 

Enfócate en ti mismo, pero no seas indiferente al dolor ajeno. Muchas veces estará en tus manos la posibilidad de cambiar positivamente el destino de una persona. Si tienes la oportunidad, no la desaproveches. Incluso una pequeña acción puede hacer una gran diferencia.

Recuerda que a pesar de que muchas personas especiales ya no podrán acompañarnos en este nuevo año, su recuerdo y los momentos que compartimos con ellos siempre nos acompañarán durante toda la vida.

Agradezco a las personas que se toman su tiempo para visitar mi galería, y aquellos que decidieron leer esta reflexión anual. Aprecio cada comentario, favorito y share de mis trabajos. Quiero recordarte que siempre estoy disponible para cualquier duda, trataré de responder tan pronto sea posible.

Agradecimientos especiales a mis amigos en patreon por su apoyo y gracias por hacer este año extra especial. 

Hay que ser agradecidos por las cosas que conseguimos y seguir luchando por aquellas que añoramos obtener. Feliz año nuevo, nos vemos pronto:) 

For the ones who haven't noticed I've reorganized the gallery folder in these categories for your own convenience:

Nintendo (Nintendo related artworks and comics)

Shantae (Shantae or Wayforward artworks)

More Fan art (Fan Art that doesn't fall into the previous categories)

Comics (All comic strips I've done so far)

Before Deviantart (As the name implies, drawings and sketches that I made before joining Deviantart. All drawing I made before November 2009)

Original artworks (All related to my original characters and designs. You can also find my old ID folder, as well as some chat emoticons)

Izanna Family (All related to these gals :icontabatha-izanna::iconmarianna-izanna::iconamanda-izanna::iconnadya-izanna: in case you don't want to look to the whole original artworks folder)

Commissioned (All my commissioned illustrations and characters)

Crazydent Evil (For Resident Evil fans, feel free to comment if you want more related content in the future)

Animated (Flipnotes, as well as full colored animations)

Drawing Process (Rough sketches, concepts, line arts, and process GIF)

Deviantart Originals (Original characters from other DA artist and stuff)

Let me know in the comments if you feel that another folder is necessary Nod

Fan Art Corner 

Tabby by teddiboncers  Gift: Tabby sketch by LinkerLuis

Naylah Comic - Costumes by Big-Uncle-V Naylah ^3- by Big-Uncle-V

Be sure to send a link with your artwork if you want to be featured as well, I'll be sure to add it as soon as possible :D (Big Grin)

Special thanks to my patreon supporters


Luis Parada
Artist | Digital Art
El Salvador
I'm a Graphic designer, digital and webcomic artist. Looking to unify good humor and fun in my artworks.

I've been a comic strip enthusiast since I can remember, glancing through the pages of the local newspapers, looking for the Sundays comics. Starting my own histories when I was little, with borrowed characters from awesome artist like Jim Davis, Charles Schultz, Bill Watterson and many others.

In November of 2009 I joined DeviantArt, full of fears and insecurities about my own quality as an artist, in the vast world of the internet. But thankfully that never stopped me from giving my all. Since I've been trying to deliver the best quality of artwork I can possibly make for all of you to enjoy.

And I really hope you do :)


Feb 19, 2017
10:19 pm
Feb 19, 2017
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Feb 19, 2017
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Feb 19, 2017
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Feb 19, 2017
4:58 am


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You can find me on this social media as well :)


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